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Our aim at Better Village is to help local business and community interests become more aligned.

How local business, schools & community groups benefit.

Fundraisers at local schools & community groups can use Better Village to help raise funds & it is 100% free.

Trades & services supporting community groups can now connect with a growing community of locals that are choosing to use & support local business having a positve social impact.

When a trade or service join Better Village, they have two options to support community either raising $500 or $1000 for a local school / community group / social or environmental concern.


How we help fundraisers.

Fundraisers juggle time between work, family & other commitments.


To help fundraisers -


  • we streamline the fundraising process, making it easier for fundraisers to do their job.

  • our fundraising provides value to local trades & services making it easier for fundraisers to harness their support.

  • we send out four email marketing campaigns to your members highlighting the value your group & local business bring to your community.

  • every trade or service raises a minimum $500 for your group.

  • we can customise fundraising for a project, end of year trip etc

If your a fundraiser get in contact

Better Village will send out a short questionaire, we use information from the questionaire so we can start a fundraising campaign on your behalf.

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