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Frequently asked question's -

What is the cost for fundraisers?

If your a local school, junior sporting  group, registered social or environmental organisation there is absolutely no cost to use Better Village to help raise funds for your cause.

How do local schools and clubs benefit?

When a local business supports your school or club, not only your members of your school or community group can use their services but now locals in your whole suburb can choose to connect with these business having a positive social impact - so benefits are realised by all members of the community.

How much can local fundraisers raise for their clubs?

Local fundraisers can use Better village to raise as many funds as they need and the minimum amount a business can sponsor or donate is $500.

How do local business benefit?

Now more than ever we are aware the choices we make play a role in the community and environment we live in, local business sponsoring / donating to a cause they choose to support can now be found and connect with local's that share a similar sense of community and are choosing to be apart of a more purposeful economy.

We also provide local business with a well thought out marketing campaign that includes social media content, email direct marketing and other niche marketing mechanisms.

Do local business pay a fee?

We charge a 12 month minimum $550 membership fee, but offer some real value for this cost, because we want to see your business succeed and go onto have a greater positive impact in your community.  

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