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Local trades & services can now connect with a community choosing to have a positive social impact.

If your business's values align with ours at Better Village.

Connect with locals that feel the same way.
Our marketing campaigns are customer focused, because without customers -

Your business does not exist.

A more effective approach, that helps business engage with it's 3 types of customers - new, returning & old.

New Customers - customers your business has never provided service, new customers help your business grow.

Returning Customers - customers who are familiar with your business & trust your service.Returning customers are most likely to refer your business to a friend, providing the best marketing your business will ever recieve "word of mouth".

Older customers - are those customers that have used your service in the past, but maybe the connection has become a little distant, we help maintain these relationships.

Our campaigns are wholistic & cost effective.

Better Village marketing isn't one dimensional but provides business with a presence across a variety of mediums -

  • Online

  • Social

  • Email marketing

  • Niche markets

We treat your marketing spend like any other investment, spread across different mediums, a long term mindset with re occuring dividends.

 A Better Village Marketing campaign 

Better Village on-line directory
Locals know where to look when they want to use trades & services that are having a positve impact in their community.

Better Village email marketing
Helps your business connect with new, existing & older customers. 

Social Media
Let your followers know what you value & your role in a purposeful community. 


Choose a package that best suits your business -

Community Plus

  • On - line directory 4 suburbs.

  • Four email marketing campaigns.

  • Social media.

$1000 donation +

$660 marketing campaign.

$1660 total cost for 12mths 


  • On - line directory 1 suburb.

  • One email marketing campaign.

  • Social media.

$500 donation +

$330 marketing campaign.

$830 total cost for 12 mths

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