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To get a better result we need to do things differently.

At Better Village we believe communities & local business can prosper by working together & playing smarter.

We are not re - inventing the wheel, we are doing what villages for hundreds of years have always done - 

"Villages prosper, when the villagers work together so the village they live in becomes a better place to live."

Our fund raising is 100% free.

Local business pay what we hope is a fair membership.

If you like what we do, share it with your mates.

The plumber, junior footy coach & a simple idea.

As the owner of a small local plumbing business, I was approached to sponsor my sons junior footy side, the cause was worthy, however as a business owner the marketing spend a little harder to justify.

I understood marketing for my business was important but there may be a better way... so the Better Village journey began.

The vision was to build a platform where local trades / services supporting local schools, community groups, social & environmental concerns could connect with locals who shared a similiar sense of community.

At the same time the Better Village platform could be used by community groups to help raise funds because of the added value provided to trades / services supporting them.

With support & encouragement from those close to me, Better Village idea turned into a community based platform where trades & services, schools, community groups & locals could all benefit.


Steve Kowaleczko

Our social impact.

Our business model is designed to have a social & environmental impact - as well as be profit seeking & self sustaining.

We work with fundraisers at local schools, social, environmental & community groups to help raise funds.


Our fundraising is 100% free


We see better outcomes for both community & local business through a more co - operative relationship.

A positive impact on local business, community, social & environmental concerns drive every decision we make.

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